Where to experience with Mathilde was a wonderful and eventful rollercoaster! From helping me identify my bad habits and negative relationship with food, to teaching me small, manageable, healthy habits to incorporate into my everyday life, Mathilde has armed me with everything I need to take control of my own wellness. I started on the journey determined that I was going to lose X amount in my time with her...I managed to lose that X amount, but more importantly stopped caring about what “X amount” was! When you are within your healthy weight range, I learned that the number on the scale doesn’t matter. It doesn’t tell me how strong I am feeling, how nourished I am, even how good I look. This was my biggest takeaway from working with Mathilde, how to tune into my body and tune out of the numbers - calories, kgs, all of them! It’s only when you do this do you realise how long you have actually been ignoring your body’s cues and not giving it what it really needs. By doing this I have managed to stop binge eating, and stop the guilt when enjoying foods that I love. I can’t recommend working with Mathilde enough, be prepared to put in some hard work, and you will see great results with Mathilde there for amazing support throughout your journey.
— Lauren, Singapore (2019)
It was amazing working with Mathilde. My relationship with food improved significantly. My self awareness improved a lot and wellness went up considerably. I am much more independent in making right food choices. I applaud her for being a top class professional.
— Rajeev, Singapore (2019)
After a few years of thinking of and trying to lose some weight, without being able to start somehow, and not wanting to go on a “traditional diet” knowing that wouldn’t work for me in the long run, I finally made the decision of giving Mathilde’s 90 days program a go. It has been a great and very positive experience for me. One of the most positive things that the program enabled for me is that I’ve been able to introduce movement almost on a daily basis in my life and schedule. That change together with progressive and non radical changes to my diet and way of nourishing myself (never feeling that I was “on a diet”) allowed me to shred a few pounds, and even if my initial “goal” for losing weight was more ambitious, I’m happy with it since this weight loss came with me also feeling much more energised, so it’s not only about losing weight but about feeling better in general phisically and emotionally and that I got. I’ve finished the program now but I still maintain the learnings and changes I implemented with Mathilde in my daily life, which help me lots in keeping a balanced diet and lifestyle.

This bright lovely woman helped and still is helping me going through a difficult moment of my life by inspiring me with very insightful suggestions and programs targeted on myself, my needs, my real me. Our program is still ongoing but I feel so much better than I used to when I started our journey together.
I would suggest her method and her services to anyone who needs to find a way to make peace with one s true nature and to regain confidence and health! Totally worth it and Super tailored! No general protocols to follow, she is there to listen to you and she feels accountable for you! I m so curious to see what better woman I will be at the end of our program! 5 stars for me

Since doing Mathilde’s cleanse, I am feeling lighter and I love it. My sleep is deeper than before and I feel good!
— alison, singapore (2018)

I must admit that when I signed up to Mathilde’s program, I was a little bit skeptical however I can honestly say that I feel that I am in a better space - Mind, body and soul. I have been consciously following Mathilde’s guidance each week as she introduces a new topic tailored to my goals, and although my homework each week are only “baby steps”, I feel that this approach will produce more longevity. That my life and lifestyle will be changed for better now.

Through my work with Mathilde, my anxiety is gone, I am sleeping soundly each night (instead of relentless broken sleeps) and I am finally waking up feeling well rested and energised; my PMS symptoms have reduced drastically (no moodiness and less cravings); bloating after meals is rare; and I have relinquished my control over food. Junk food binges are a thing of the past - I can now enjoy my treats with more control and balance.

I have also learned to listen to my body and now understand which foods allow me to feel my best. How I eat has changed so much, and as a result, my appetite is no longer so temperamental. I have a whole new appreciation for food again.
— Michelle, Singapore (2018)

Such an amazing experience and super eye opening!!! Over the past 6 months working with Mathilde from the Nourished Foodie, I have been able to breakthrough my diet and exercise struggles! I’ve lost nearly 10 kg by getting super clear on what foods are right for my unique body type and also, what sort of habits or behaviours hold me back from consistently meeting my health goals. I used to always get stuck when I travelled, went out for dinner with friends or family, or got stressed and didn’t eat properly all day so needed an “energy boost” like chocolate or chips at 3pm.

The problem around my digestion and low energy levels have always been there since I was a child but the weight gain was recent, maybe the past 5 years despite working out regularly and eating “healthy”. What made me decide to take drastic action was a night in the emergency room where I had an extreme case of gastritis, it was so painful!

Through Mathilde’s work with me, I’ve been able to decipher what my body needs to maintain high energy levels, digest food properly and really enjoy my workouts. Being in the best health of my life has helped me navigate several major life events including starting a business, planning a wedding and working full time while keeping the stress levels down, my weight down and my energy levels up.

Thanks for your help Mathilde!!
— Chloe, Sydney (2018)

I’ve known Mathilde for many years and was so happy to hear she was moving into health coaching as it’s always been a passion of hers, and an area I wanted to learn more about myself. I was delighted to try out her 28 Jumpstart Program that was designed to reset the body and learn new life-improving habits. I picked up so many tips along the way and Mathilde was great at digging deep into the psyche of why I wanted to achieve my goals and how to get there. Learning about mindful eating and recognising the signs in honouring hunger levels was so beneficial, it’s stuck with me long after completing our sessions and is part of my daily life now. I can not recommend Mathilde more highly - she’s passionate and supportive but also challenging to get the best of you. A great personal cheerleader throughout the journey and a bright, sparkly human all round!
— Pamela, Brisbane (2018)

I participated in the reset cleanse with help and guidance from Mathilde (The Nourished Foodie), to understand more about my food sensitivities. I can truly say it was was one of the best things I have ever done! Whilst doing the cleanse I felt fantastic - no headaches, no tummy pains, lots of energy and the best sleeps I have had in a long time. It was eye opening to learn through first hand experience about how our diets and lifestyle affect us. It was great to have support and guidance through the process and Mathilde was so kind and patient as we navigated the process together. I would recommend giving the reset cleanse a go to anyone and everyone.
— OlIvia, Singapore (2018)

Mathilde’s always been a great source of good food and health inspiration; from recipes to relaxation tips she’s helped me set and keep track of my goals!
— Lauren, Perth (2017)

I participated in Mathilde’s 90 day program. I was hesitant and sceptical at first however once I opened up and gave it a good crack, I found the program extremely beneficial to improving even the smallest things in my every day life. I learnt a lot about my approach and attitude to food and meal times, stress management and how to focus on the positives. Mathilde’s guidance, support and challenging questions really make you approach situations with curiosity and not judgment and they make you think carefully about the decisions YOU make in every day life to make YOU the best version of yourself. I’ve finished the 90 days and have adopted many of the strategies Mathilde’s taught me. I think everyone would benefit from this program & thoroughly recommend Mathilde!
— Emily, Perth (2017)